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   We partner with you to provide Rapid Prototyping, Rapid Tooling and Injection Molded Parts and Prototype Cast Parts with service that protects your development and testing timelines. Lkmould is recognized as the leader in the rapid prototyping industry.The company has achieved this status through its experience, capacity, contributions to the industry, and, most importantly, customer satisfaction. Lkmould goes beyond just giving you parts. Our team of experts provides guidance to ensure parts are designed to deliver optimum performance and efficient assembly. Normally we do the prototypes with ABS, Nylon, POM, Aluminum by high speed CNC wich are extremely close to the real molding and only costs about 3 days. In addition, it is only taken 10-15 days to build the rapid tooling at a good price which could reach 500-1000 shots tooling life at least.

We imported the RENISHAW high-speed
precise measuring machine from England, it shows high precision, stable features, great digit processing ability, and can work automatically, it is considered the most advanced and digitalized measuring system in the same line.
Aided by soft wear like Tracecut,
Tracesurf, itcan directly program (G code) to process with CNC. The system is very suitable for reverse exploitation that require high precision and complex shape, such as household appliance, telecommunication, acoustic instrument,

This is the Lkmould Advantage:

,  Speed
,  High Quality Parts
,  Consultation to Design
,  Full Service Support from our Technical Staff
,  Complete Finishing Services
,  Lkmould is a Partner, not a Vendor only
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